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Expand Your client value beyond tax advice

With Avantax, tax professionals like you can offer clients comprehensive wealth management, tax strategies, and financial planning services…and grow your business.

Expand your client value
beyond tax advice

With Avantax, tax professionals like you can offer
clients comprehensive wealth management,
tax strategies, and financial planning services…
and grow your business.

End-to-end client services through a tax-focused lens

Fact: Tax professionals and CPAs who add Avantax Wealth Management to their practice average $1.7 million more revenue and $670,000 greater profits over 5 years.*

Join Avantax and start offering end-to-end, tax-focused financial services to better serve, satisfy and retain your clients, gain referrals, and grow your revenue. You’ll enjoy:



  • A complimentary consultation to determine the best business model for you: broker-dealer or referral to a tenured pro at an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
  • A personalized transition team to make your onboarding seamless
  • A dedicated planning team and back-office support to help you grow your business 
  • Powerful technology tools like our Tax-Smart Investing™ (TSI) platform, which helps uncover tax savings and wealth management strategies for your clients
  • Access to over 3,750** proud, passionate financial professionals, who can help you develop partnerships and M&A and other revenue opportunities
  • A nationwide network serving 350,000 clients, with over $76 billion in AUA***
  • Benefit from our strategic alliance with Fidelity InstitutionalSM

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* Additional profit and revenue figures derived from an internal analysis performance using data from IPSOS Research, December 2017. Results are based on assumptions in revenues, profits, renewal rates and tax return/year from IPSOS, and our assumed valuation multiples for tax and financial services. Figures are for a five-year time period. Results are based on assumptions that will vary, and your results will be more or less than those in our analysis.
**As of December 2020
***As of September 30, 2020.
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