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At Avantax Planning PartnersSM, everything we do is centered around your long-term financial goals. We start by getting to know you: your passions, what keeps you up at night, your legacy. Once we fully understand your goals, we incorporate tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, and asset management all together into one holistic and comprehensive financial plan.

Guidance Planning Strategies

Our planning tool, powered by your CPA and financial planning consultant, visually lays out a long-term plan, looking at all the impacts of financial decisions. Known as GPS – which stands for Guidance Planning Strategies – the planning tool demonstrates how decisions like investing in your 401(k), selling a business, donating to charities, or plans for your estate impact your future. We’ll also look at strategies for reducing risk in your long-term plan. Watch the video below to learn how planning can truly impact your life.

A Distinct Advantage

  • Collaboration between your wealth management and CPA teams to potentially minimize your tax exposure
  • An interactive planning program and process called Guidance Planning Strategies (GPS) illustrates your entire financial picture
  • Salaried financial planning consultants (FPCs) provide unique recommendations tailored to you
  • The Avantax Planning Partners Investment Advisory Committee provides oversight of all investment allocations

Assisting you in achieving your financial goals is our team’s main priority. The GPS platform provides you with tools, reports and resources to help you navigate your financial plans.