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Regional Team Overview

Your Avantax Wealth Management Team

At Avantax Wealth Management, our dedicated team of specialists is always here for you. Our team gives you the support you need to provide the comprehensive financial services your clients deserve. We work with you as a strategic partner to provide wealth management solutions that help you reach your full potential. From education and training to practice growth solutions and networking, we’re here to work by your side.

Reagion 1

Justin Scott

North Central Regional Director, Business Development
972.870.6092 | justin.scott@avantax.com

Justin is dedicated to providing prospective advisors with the due diligence and consultative advice they require to determine if Avantax Wealth Management is the right fit for their business. Justin has nearly two decades of experience providing comprehensive financial services analysis to clients and firms across the country. Justin has a degree from Lafayette College and currently holds his Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses.

Reagion 2

Alex Rivas

West Coast Regional Director, Business Development
972.870.6150 | alex.rivas@avantax.com

Alex recruits and works with tax-focused advisors to strengthen their value proposition with Tax-Smart Investing™. With more than 15 years of experience in financial services, Alex believes that the majority of financial planning is tax planning and that there is power with this holistic approach with clients. Alex has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas and holds his Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses.

Region 3

James Sorey

South Central Regional Director, Business Development

 972.870.6101 | james.sorey@avantax.com

James relies on over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to help financial professionals analyze their current practice and determine how they might achieve their business objectives. His extensive recruiting experience includes long-held executive positions in business development at multiple firms. James has a BA in International Trade and Finance from LSU and an MBA in Management from Wake Forest University.

Mary Barakat

Regional Director, Business Development 972.870.6787 | mary.barakat@avantax.com

Bob Anderson

Regional Director, RIA
563.543.3554 | bob.anderson@blucora.com


Our onboarding team has helped thousands of financial professionals successfully transition to Avantax Wealth Management. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist and Experience teams will coordinate the necessary firm and regulatory paperwork to make your move as seamless as possible and provide a detailed training roadmap to be successful on our platform.

Julie Marta

Director, Business Development Onboarding
972.870.6410 | julie.marta@avantax.com

Casey Radke

Manager, Onboarding Experience
972.870.6130 | casey.radke@avantax.com

Kiara Turner

Manager, Affiliation Onboarding Specialist
972.870.6042 | kiara.turner@avantax.com

Tiffany French

Affiliation Onboarding Specialist
972.870.6288 | tiffany.french@avantax.com

Jami Simpson

Affiliation Onboarding Specialist
972.870.6412 | jami.simpson@avantax.com

Advisor Transition

The Advisor Transition team provides a white glove experience to ensure your most valuable assets—your clients—have a smooth transition to the Avantax platform. They’ll work directly with you to execute a high-touch process to successfully move assets while minimizing business disruption.

Karen Collins

Manager, Advisor Transition
972.870.6154 | karen.collins@avantax.com

Katelyn Stephens

Team Lead, Advisor Transition
972.870.6106 | katelyn.stephens@avantax.com

Jonathan Shofner

Transition Specialist
972.870.6621 | jonathan.shofner@avantax.com

Zachary Rattan

Transition Specialist
972.870.6668 | zachary.rattan@avantax.com

Juliana Talledo

Transition Specialist
972.870.6221 | juliana.talledo@avantax.com

Reagion 4

Devon Royen

Southeast Regional Director, Business Development
972.870.6031 | devon.royen@avantax.com

Devon helps tax professionals and financial advisors across the southeast add investment services to their business. With a decade of experience, he helps prospective advisors understand the holistic planning and business development strategies they need to achieve success. Devon has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and currently holds his Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses, along with his Texas Life and Health Insurance Agent license.

Reagion 5

Samantha Dunn

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Business Development
972.870.6245 | samantha.dunn@avantax.com

Samantha helps tax professionals throughout the mid-Atlantic region add financial services to their established tax practices, and assists financial advisors in determining if Avantax is the best partner for their future growth. She channels her 10+ years of experience in sales, sales support and client services to lead prospects throughout the due diligence process. Samantha currently holds her Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses.

Reagion 6

Fran Lee

Northeast Regional Director, Business Development
972.870.6053 | francis.lee@avantax.com

Fran works with financial advisors in the northeast to help them understand how they can meet their growth potential with Avantax Wealth Management. He is an industry veteran of over 25 years with extensive experience consulting advisors in all channels to help navigate the independent space and finding a better home for their business and their clients. Fran holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Stonehill College and currently holds his Series 7, 63 and 24 licenses.

Reagion 7

Tony Saltarski

Great Lakes Regional Director, Business Development
972.870.6672 | tony.saltarski@avantax.com

Tony relies on over a decade of experience in consulting with financial advisors and tax professionals alike. His extensive knowledge in working across all channels in the investment industry allows him to help firms in the midwest better understand how Avantax can enhance their current service offering, in addition to helping their clients retire with dignity. Tony has a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio and holds Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses.