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68% of Avantax Financial Professionals

reported an increase in client retention after adding financial services.*
68% of Avantax Financial Professionals

reported an increase in client retention after adding financial services.*

Comprehensive financial services empower you and your clients

As a tax professional, your unique insight into clients’ financial situations allows you to uncover opportunities that others often miss. The application of our three-pillar approach puts you in a position to foster greater financial health for your clients, along with creating a valuable increase in the services you provide.


Financial services designed with clients in mind

We advocate a goals-based approach to finances, providing tailored advice and custom solutions to help your clients save money and invest in ways that can get them closer to reaching their goals.

8 Wealth Management Issues

We believe there are 8 wealth management issues affecting every client which, with proper guidance, can help systematically address their needs — ranging from retirement goals to debt management.


The Financial Services Firm of Tax Professionals®

Tax data can reveal incredible financial opportunities and vulnerabilities for your clients. All too often, Financial Professionals maintain a singular focus on a client’s wealth and fail to analyze their tax situation before making investment recommendations. We provide tools that help you find ways to strengthen your client’s financial situation holistically.

1040 Analyst®


1040 Analyst is a unique mining tool created by Avantax Wealth Management. Using 1040 Analyst, Financial Professionals are able to seamlessly integrate clients’ tax data (using their form 1040) and reveal an individualized set of financial opportunities.

Programs and tools designed for growth

We have a diverse range of programs and tools to help our Financial Professionals grow on an individualized level. We know that each tax and non-tax professional in our community has unique strengths and needs, and we work to support them all.


Unbiased investment insights and solutions

Our mission to help you build your clients’ long-term wealth is realized through our unbiased financial products and wide range of investment solutions. We employ our three-step investment strategy to help you navigate a complex financial landscape.

Advisory services

We recognize the positive impact that fee-based advisory business can bring to your practice, and will provide you access to an advisory platform to help distinguish you from the competition.

Custodial services

We have a strategic business alliance with one of the nation’s leading brokerage clearing institutions, National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”), a Fidelity Investments® company. Through this strong relationship, we offer comprehensive investment servicing, including full-service brokerage business, extensive training, dedicated home-office support, and access to leading-edge technology.

Insurance solutions

Avantax Insurance AgencySM maintains relationships with more than 30 separate insurance providers who offer fixed and variable annuities, life insurance, disability, and long-term care solutions.

Your Financial Advantage

Still wondering if Avantax Wealth Management® is right for your business? Contact us to find out more.

*2017 IPSOS research survey.