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Want to keep more of your money?

Welcome to Avantax® Tax-Smart Investment Planning

You’re working hard for your future, but are you getting the most from your efforts? Avantax may be able to help your money work harder by combining comprehensive financial planning capabilities with strategies to help minimize your tax burden. What are your goals? Retirement? Better financial planning? A child’s education? The right insurance? Business needs? Whatever your dreams, we want you to keep more of your money. Because it’s what you have at the end of the day, not what you make, that defines true wealth.

How Tax-Smart Investment Planning Works

Is Your Financial Plan Tax-Smart?

If you’re like many people, taxes are your single largest expense. But they can be so integrated into your life – with automated payroll deductions, estimated payments, and even occasional refunds – that it’s easy to overlook their impact. Avantax is a pioneer in tax-smart investing – we were founded by a CPA in 1983 – so we understand that managing your tax burden is an essential part of managing the overall performance of your assets. Avantax Financial Professionals take a holistic approach to review your investment strategy, business assets, possible insurance needs, and retirement goals. We help ensure your investments are appropriately allocated, consider future expenses and how they’ll be covered, and help you understand the tax implications of your investment and distribution decisions, including dividends and capital gains/losses. So, is your current plan tax-smart?

Goal-Based Planning


Seamless Tax Integration


Investment Smarts

Like a Family

“We are more than a company. We’re a family, and we are dedicated to serving our clients with trust, hard work, and dedication. Your experience is of the utmost importance to us, and together we can help make your dreams, goals, and ambitions a reality.”

Todd Mackay, President

Independence Means You Get Objective Advice

A Community More Than 3,400 Strong

More than 3,400 independent Financial Professionals help more than 350,000 clients like you. Independence means they’re not beholden to specific products and services, just providing you the most appropriate, holistic financial path. Most are tax professionals too, giving them added perspective and skills. And Avantax provides them all deep support, with smart tools and resources. We call this idea the #AvantaxCommunity.

What People Are Saying

“This firm has a unique culture in that Financial Professionals truly care about each other and they’re willing to tell their story to help somebody else. I take a lot of pride in that.”

Kyle B – Oklahoma City, OK

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