Suman Aluru

VP, Software Engineering

Suman Aluru joined Avantax in 2021 and is a dynamic professional leading the strategic transformation of Avantax platforms. With a focus on providing a delightful technology experience to Avantax Financial Professionals, his career has been marked by his expertise in digital transformation within the financial sector.

Prior to joining Avantax, Suman held significant positions in various financial firms, recently as the head of finance and accounting technology at 7-Eleven, Inc. He previously was managing director of digital accelerator at Charles Schwab where he led groundbreaking efforts in digital innovation. He spearheaded Schwab's inaugural digital accelerator journey, focusing on areas such as account opening, asset transfer, and wealth management financial planning.

Suman holds a fintech certification from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), showcasing his dedication to staying at the forefront of financial technology trends, and earned a machine learning certification from the University of Texas at Austin, highlighting his proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. He earned his Bachelor of Science in computer science engineering from Marathwada University.