Avantax Welcomes ATS Advanced Trustee Strategies with Over $400 Million in Total Client Assets

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Highly successful veteran advisor Sandeep Varma chooses Avantax to access its vast network of CPAs, tax pros and accounting firms, and for direct access to Avantax senior leadership.

DALLAS – (June 6, 2022) – Avantax®, a leader in tax-focused financial planning, welcomes ATS Advanced  Trustee Strategies, an elite firm based in San Diego, California, with over $400 million in total client assets1as  of April 1, 2022. Led by 32-year financial services veteran Sandeep Varma, ATS Advanced Trustee Strategies specializes in advanced estate planning designed to help ensure client assets are bequeathed according to  their wishes. 

“Family is very important to me, whether it’s the families of my clients, the family feel of my firm, or the  environment Avantax has created where you feel like a family and they care about your success,” Varma said.  “At Avantax you’re not a number just feeding some monster of an organization. When I decided to join  Avantax, I quickly heard from their senior leaders. Having a direct link to leadership is a big deal to me.” 

Varma, who transferred to Avantax from FSC Securities Corporation, a broker-dealer of Advisor Group, wants  to further grow his firm by working with Avantax’s vast network of CPAs and accounting firms – which can be  referral sources for Avantax Financial Professionals – and by growing geographically, potentially opening an  office on the East Coast. 

“ATS Advanced Trustee Strategies has built an incredibly successful practice with intense client focus, and now  with Sandeep and his team partnered with Avantax, we can help him get to that next level of growth,” said  Todd Mackay, President of Avantax. “The investments and companywide improvements we’ve made over the  past two years have made Avantax a destination for firms like Sandeep’s that have grown successful practices  and want the additional support to take their business to new heights. These firms are coming to us for our  unique and collaborative community, our tax-focused approach, and the vast resources to help them grow.” 

As part of its focus on advanced estate planning, Varma and his team counsel clients on strategies that include  charitable remainder trusts, private foundations, and life insurance. Varma said the combined charitable  pledges from his clients is approaching $100 million. 

“Sandeep is incredibly astute and sees recent tax-law changes as just the beginning, so he wants to actively  partner with CPAs, tax pros and accounting firms at the core of our nationwide network,” said Tim Stewart,  Vice President and Head of Business Development for Avantax. “Like tax and accounting professionals, Avantax  is very planning-centric, and that aligns with growth-minded firms that see value in comprehensive tax-focused  financial planning.” 

Varma added: “The financial advisor working in concert with the CPA and the estate attorney is our hallmark,  it’s just part of our DNA, so I’m looking to partner like this even more within Avantax. I’m looking not only at  growing my firm, but also helping other advisors, and that kind of collaboration is welcomed at Avantax. I’m  excited for what is ahead.” 

1 Recruited Assets are estimated amounts that may transition to Avantax over time; these estimates are based on assets  reported to Avantax by the recruited Financial Professional and have not been independently verified by Avantax. The  actual transition of assets to Avantax can take place over several quarters or longer, and the actual amounts transitioned  may be different from the estimate.

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