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Retirement Planning

Avantax Retirement Plan ServicesSM, a division of Avantax Planning PartnersSM, engages with CPA firms and financial professionals to meet the wealth management needs of their clients. Our team has a thorough understanding of the special relationship between financial professionals, their clients, and the professionals at Avantax Retirement Plan Services. We also understand the importance of maximizing retirement benefits and reducing tax liability. Avantax Retirement Plan Services provides a turnkey retirement plan solution designed to meet our clients’ specific goals. Our comprehensive package of services, including investment management, administration, and participant support services, are designed to provide the maximum level of fiduciary protection and produce better retirement outcomes1. The retirement plan services team customizes plan designs that have a meaningful impact to both business owners and their employees. Our comprehensive services allow clients to minimize retirement plan administration, reduce fiduciary risk, and provide personalized participant education.

Program Benefits

Spend more time focusing on the growth and profitability of your business instead of managing the administrative duties of your employee retirement plan. Avantax Retirement Plan Services provides strategies to owners and employees that maximize contributions and tax deductions, as well as increasing employee deferrals to meet retirement goals. Here are some of the key benefits of working with Avantax Retirement Plan Services.

360° Review

A complimentary, comprehensive retirement plan review will assist in assessing your plan’s potential tax savings, compliance risk, employee education, and fees.

Plan Administration

We will handle daily administration of your company retirement plan while you focus on running the business.

Custom Plan Design

Working together, we’ll identify the primary goals and objectives for the retirement plan and develop a strategy to meet your specific needs.

Fiduciary Liability Protection

We offer the broadest protection available to alleviate fiduciary responsibility and potential liability. Our experts take this responsibility very seriously and ensure that you are protected from litigation through our safeguards.

Investment Management

A highly experienced and credentialed Avantax Planning Partners Investment Advisory Committee provides oversight of your investments and navigates the nuances of the investment landscape for you.

Employee Education & Financial Planning

We provide customized investment advice and guidance to help your employees meet their individual retirement and financial goals, as well as other needs that may arise.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased tax deductions
  • Maximized contributions
  • Payroll integration options
  • Employee financial planning and advice
  • High-level service
  • Knowledge and dedication
  • Strategies to increase savings and participation
  • Annual plan review

1 In nearly 7 out of 10 reviews we complete, our team has found that business owners can contribute, on average, an additional $38,500 to their plan per year. This can equate to an additional $479,752 over 10 years toward retirement.(Calculation based on present value (PV) = 0; interest (INT) = 4.8%; payment (Pmt) = $38,500; years (N) = 10; future value (FV) = 479,752.24)

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