Financial Planning*

At Avantax Planning PartnersSM, we team up with Tax Professionals like you to create tailored financial plans for your clients based on their unique life goals, tax-based financial opportunities, and investment solutions.

Together, we provide a comprehensive picture so your clients can make decisions knowing all the financial implications. By focusing on the eight wealth management issues affecting every client, we can help systematically address their needs — from retirement goals to debt management.

Once a financial plan is developed, we take a coordinated approach to explore how we can help clients implement the plan. With strategies designed to save money and invest in ways that can get them closer to reaching their goals, your clients will thank you for the additional financial support.

Good for Business, Great for Clients

By working with Avantax Planning Partners to offer tax-smart financial services to your practice, you’ll provide enhanced value to your clients while simultaneously expanding your business and helping increase profits. Clients are looking for a comprehensive approach to financial advice. Providing access to holistic services can increase your client value and help distinguish you from the competition.

Get the Support You Need to Offer Comprehensive Financial Services

Our support goes beyond a simple hand-off of your client to a Financial Planning Consultant. We’ll work together to implement a strategy to help your clients manage their wealth and minimize their tax liability. We also offer the tools and resources you need to introduce clients to the benefits of financial planning, including educational articles you can share, talking points to initiate the conversation, and best practices to help expand your practice.

* Financial Planning services related to Avantax Planning Partners.