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Market Recap – Week Ending 05.06.22

Stocks vacillated last week as volatility remained elevated. In the U.S., investors evaluated guidance from the latest Federal Reserve meeting, while keeping an eye on corporate earnings and jobs data.

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Mid-Week Market Minute 05.04.22

Stocks in the U.S. were about 2% higher for the week, with energy and utilities leading the way as the European Union’s proposed ban on Russian oil led to higher prices in global energy markets.

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Market Recap – Week Ending 04.22.22

Overview: Stocks fell across the globe last week on fears of faster rate hikes in the U.S. and renewed lockdowns from a recent COVID-19 surge in China. In the U.S., the S&P 500 index ended down 2.7%, and with the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong down ...

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A Primer on Series I Savings Bonds

You may be familiar with Series E or EE savings bonds, which were the paper bonds you used to be able to buy at your local bank. Often used as gifts for birthdays or graduations, Series EE savings bonds earn a fixed rate of interest and ...

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Your CPA and Your Financial Professional – Dynamic Duo

They may not be fighting crime exactly, but this dynamic duo should definitely have “hero” status when it comes to protecting and building wealth. When these professionals work together to identify problems and find better solutions ...

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Your 4% Withdrawal Strategy May Not Be Enough

Get the Tax Guidance You Need to Help Live the Retirement You Desire

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How the Child Tax Credit Payments Could Impact Your 2021 Tax Return

If you are one of the millions of American taxpayers receiving advance Child Tax Credit payments from the IRS this year, you may be wondering how this could affect your 2021 tax return.

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The Ins and Outs of Capital Gains

Not all income is created equal, and how you treat capital gains can make a pretty significant difference to your yearly tax bill. Read on to understand capital gains and how they affect your bottom line. Then enlist the help of your CPA for tax ...

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Why Does the Beginning of 2022 Feel Different?

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